Membership® is the world leader in providing innovative tools, techniques, software and self-help materials for aphasia treatment and intensive practice. Consumer and Speech Pathologist members of aphasiatoolbox® have full access to these tools in order to truly exploit neuroplasticity in order to maximize their recovery from Aphasia and related disorders.


Members have complete access to:


  • The most comprehensive collection of online tools for effective aphasia rehabilitation and independent practice.
  • The Aphasia Sight Reader© with 14 treatment protocols each with a variety of different exercises.
  • 75 simple to use treatment protocols with coordinating materials; printable pages; photos; and video clips.
  • Treatment and practice demonstration videos.
  • Treatment and Practice forms
  • The opportunity to meet and interact with other people with aphasia and their caregivers on our Aphasia Communication Cafes.
  • A numerous selection of educational and informative videos.
  • The aphasiatoolbox® glossary which will explain in straightforward language terminology used in aphasia treatment and recovery.
  • A one-on-one, personalized online meeting with an aphasiatoolbox® expert.
  • The monthly newsletter with the latest information about aphasia and innovative therapy techniques. To sample these, click on the Newsletter menu button.
  • The opportunity to schedule treatment sessions with our master aphasia speech/language pathologists and practice coaches (additional cost).
  • The opportunity to join online treatment/practice groups (additional cost).
SLP members have the opportunity to become an aphasiatoolbox certified® provider (under construction).


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