I was told that I reached a plateau in my progress in aphasia recovery. Can that be true?


The answer is no, it is not true!  We have proven the idea of a patient plateau in aphasia recovery is a myth.   If someone tells you that you have reached a plateau, don't walk away, run away.  Perhaps your rehabilitation program has plateaued for you, however, you can continue to improve:

  • You need smart aphasia treatment that truly exploits your brain's neuroplasticity by challenging but not frustrating you.
  • You need to address those cognitive and skills skills and fluent word recall that are essential for conversation.
  • You need to become the pilot of your own recovery, working from your own memory and practicing on your own.
  • Finally, you need an intensive program that offers hours of treatment, practice and interactions.

We can help you accomplish this from your own home with online telepractice treatment and practice.