“My wife just had a stroke and has aphasia. What can we expect? What should we do?”


We are sorry to hear that your loved one has aphasia. The primary focus at this time is stabilizing her medical condition and ensuring medical and physical safety.  Hope and expert information at this early time of recovery offers comfort and reassurance:

  • We have 6 of our previous aphasia clients on our staff.  One of them can chat with you about what to expect, handling roadblocks, and piloting the recovery process.
  • An expert speech pathologist can explain how to maximize recovery by exploiting neuroplasticity.
  • You can chat with successful caregivers and people recovering from aphasia on one of our online Aphasia Communication Cafés.

Put yourself in the rehabilitation driver’s seat.  Knowledge is power; competent rehabilitation support is priceless.  Recovery takes time, energy and focus. Let's shorten that time, preserve resources, and sharpen the focus.