Success Stories

** Person with aphasia who is/was on the staff of AphasiaToolbox

Christine Huggins, OH

Christine, who is an attorney, partnered with David Dow to create the Aphasia Recovery Connection (ARC) Facebook page and online support group. She was appointed by the governor of OH to serve on a disability consumer board and continues to hone her speech, language and technology skills. Christine started aphasia treatment with aphasiatoolbox in 2011.

Sharon Rennhack, ** FL

For over 30 years, Sharon had a career as a researcher/librarian/writer, working in the fields of Advertising/Marketing, Financial Services, Management Consulting, and News/Television. Now she is the Editor of the aphasiatoolbox monthly newsletter and lead aphasia practice coach. Her hobbies include kayaking and singing. Sharon started aphasia treatment with aphasiatoolbox in 2012.  She has made presentations at numerous state and national conventions on the topic of aphasia and recovery with a focus on whole person recovery.

Janet Ross, ** Canada

Janet was the first person recovering from aphasia to join the aphasiatoolbox staff. She had been a social worker and academic instructor with expertise in the use of online instruction. She also co-presented with Bill Connors a presentation titled, International online aphasia groups for support, treatment and collaborative, peer practice -- Flattening the World of Aphasia Recovery at the International Aphasia Conference in Montreal June 27, 2010. Janet recently facilitated a conference of >200 participants as they worked together to help her community, Slave Lake, Alberta recover from a natural disaster. Janet started aphasia treatment with aphasiatoolbox in 2008.

Mary Smith, OR

Mary has used her improved communication skills to spend time with her family and friends. She has returned to helping manage her husband’s dental practice and some other entrepreneurial ventures. She and Rich co-presented with Bill Connors at the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association’s state convention in Los Angeles. Mary started aphasia treatment with aphasiatoolbox in 2010.

Rosie Watt, Australia

Rosie has entered college as a freshman after a year of working on her reading problem (alexia) and aphasia with aphasiatoolbox. Initially, it took her 6:35 minutes to read aloud a long paragraph that she can now read in 1:40 minutes. Rosie started aphasia treatment with aphasiatoolbox in 2010.

Paul Berger, ** VA

Paul is a person recovering from aphasia, and an author, speaker, creator of, publisher, and a consumer consultant.   Paul is a volunteer advocate, serves on various boards and committees, and works as an expert consumer consultant for  His progress with treatment at aphasiatoolbox has allowed him to co-present with Bill Connors at numerous state and international speech therapy and consumer conferences.

Dr. Roy Ivy, TX

Roy graduated from medical school in 1968 then proceeded to have an illustrious career in Gynecology/Obstetrics. a stroke  in 2009 left him unable to read (acquired alexia) accurately and quickly enough to see patients. Months of speech/language therapy and personal effort had failed to help him accomplish his goal. Roy’s wife Charlotte says:   “Your program sure gave us the tools he needed for recovery! “  Roy is back to work doing what he loves;  he is currently  working four days a week at his GYN practice and is playing a lot of golf!  Dr. Ivy started aphasia treatment with aphasiatoolbox in 2010.

Nancy McCambridge, ** PA

Nancy, a person recovering from aphasia and alexia/agraphia,  joined the staff of aphasiatoolbox in 2011 after a decade of aphasia treatment and practice.  She is the team leader for data entry and billing.  Since her Nancy has gained competency in several technological programs including the accounting program QuickBooks online.   She is a very active grandmother.  Nancy started aphasia treatment with aphasiatoolbox in 2000.

Dr. F. Gordon Foster, PA

A number of years after his stroke, Dr.Foster,  a neurologist and psychiatrist, utilized three of his life’s passions – photography, swans and poetry, to create his book of photographs of swans and accompanying poetry title  The Seasons of the Swans in 2006 . The book was published by Mechling Bookbindery ( ) and is also on Amazon (The Seasons of Swans) The book uses the four seasons as a format to blend visual and poetic art forms.   Gordon started aphasia treatment with aphasiatoolbox in 2002.

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